This website is dedicated to helping you as an entrepreneur, student, and businessman or a policymaker acquire knowledge and wisdom on how to be a better person. There are several book sections for different topics ranging from economic, forex, general business and how to invest.

This site will prove a great tool if you are looking to get great recommendations on what to buy and you will get proven ways to buy and if necessary sell any book you may have.

Here are the main subsections in this website:

Business Books

This section is dedicated to general business knowledge and insights. The selected books are written by either industrial experts or business executives. The selected books help any student understand the business world from a storyline perspective. You will get to know more about the authors, leadership in the industry and why the book merits your time.

Micro & Macro-economic books

Within this section, you will find two great articles; one for microeconomics and one for macro-economics and a brief introduction of each topic.

Forex section

In this section you will find insights into this broad topic, therein you will also find recommended books that you can use to broaden your knowledge base.

Forex Trading and brokers section

Here, there are three top books handpicked for you to dive further into trading and help you get deeper insights about Forex brokers.

How to Buy and Sell Books

You will find great tips on how to find books without much hassle. There is are two great articles that will aid you in getting your goal accomplished.