Every market has people who hold the keys to making everything run without ceasing. In the forex-exchange market, trading is facilitated by agents and brokers who can transact on behalf of clients.

Insights into these crucial people can help you understand the trade further. They can also inspire you to become a registered broker, or even start a forex-trading firm.

In this article, we will look at three books you can bank on to give you comprehensive details about the topic.

‘How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange’ by Courtney Smith

This is a 213-page book and the first edition by this author. The author dives deep into the forex-trading world by introducing six techniques, like the rejection rule.

His main aim is to make a forex trader or broker a profitable person by providing different tactics that can be applied in various market swings. You should also visit best forex brokers by FxExplained to get great insights into forex trading and brokers.

‘Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market’ by Kathy Lien

With authors Kathy Lien and John Wiley & Sons, this 290-page book published in 2008 helps you acquire a number of winning strategies and provides an in-depth look at market swings.

The book helps you understand every currency’s unique characteristics and movements. You will also acquire knowledge to cope with different market conditions.

‘Day Trading for Beginners,’ 3rd Edition

This 113-page book written by Winston J. Duncan was published in May 2015. The author takes a different approach, giving a broader outlook into how technology has changed the forex market.

He also helps would-be traders equip themselves well before they jump into trading.

With this book, you will learn terms like ‘trend-following’ and ‘scalping,’ which are aimed at helping you take advantage of seasonal trading opportunities.