Deathrow High

Deathrow High
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ISBN  :  9789833526994
Title    :  Deathrow High  
Author:  Kit

They say there's nothing but sex on a man's mind. I'm here to prove them right.

2001: Welcome to my irreverent and hypocritical world of lust, love, religion, satire and philosophy, all to chasethat ever elusive high. Frank's on death row and I'm about to fall in love. She's a carefree sanguine and I'm a complicated fool. Ai Leen inspires me to dance my darkness away. 

Frank's my best friend. Well he used to be, until the day he broke down and cry. Inever expected him to; I imagined he'd go down strong, face death like an unflinching stone. Cos in a perverse way I admire his grotesque handiwork against the laws of society. He was my idol, my superhero; he lived the life I desired but feared. I was he in my mind.

That was yesterday. Today I despise that little cocksucker. Now I'm one up while he mopes in his little cell waiting for his time to die. Even as my relationship with Ai Leen blossoms I naturally find myself drawing away. But I cannot deny a dying man his last wish. FRank wants to see his estranged wife before the end ofhis life. And in this sick andsweet tale, spasticyet sexy, not even death can refuse new life as it laps like waves upon the shoreline.

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