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Colony is written by Rob Grant.

The human race is facing extinction. Global warming and overpopulation have rendered the Earth virtually uninhabitable. The only hope for the survival of the species is to find a new planet.Crewed by the cream of humanity, the gigantic ship Willflower sets off for the stars on a voyage that will take many lifetimes to complete.

But by the tenth generation, things have gone wrong. Badly wrong. The captain is a spotty adolecent who names planets after disgusting bodily functions, the security team have the mental agility of pond life, and the science officer is a religious nutball, who responds to danger by beating herself, naked, with a whip.

And the only man who can save them, the last hope for humankind, is made up of the bits even the most ravenous cannibal would leave on the side of the plate.

BookUp Book Condition Rating: 2 / 5

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