Everest To Arabia - The Making of an Adventuresome Life

Everest To Arabia - The Making of an Adventuresome Life
Author: Jamie Clarke
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ISBN   :   9780968749111
Title     :   Everest To Arabia - The Making of an Adventuresome Life
Author :   Jamie Clarke

Making lives adventuresome-not just his own, but others' too-is what the work and writings of Jamie Clarke are all about. From Everest's airless summit to the searing heat of Arabia's wadis and daunting dunes, Jamie Clarke's journeys and journals focus on the adventure of self-discovery. Clarke rejects the tired myth of humankind "battling nature," of exploration as "conquest." He embraces instead the notion that journeys through landscapes are explorations of the self, of culture, of what it is to be human. In this second of Clarke's books, the author turns from the individual struggle with ice and mountain to a journey placing people and animals amid the ruthless aridity of Arabia's Empty Quarter, and intimately near the heart of a fabled but dimly understood culture-the Bedu of the Arabian desert. This vital narrative transports the reader through astonishing landscapes on an expedition not attempted in two generations-crossing the Arabian desert by camel. More than this, we get, through Clarke's deft, reflective insights, a look at our own cultural character in the remarkable mirror of a culture older than western civilization. 

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