Ours is not just a responsibility but something we derive pride from. Our job is to ensure your entrepreneurial spirit is nourished with the right content. We value professionalism, we also understand bookworms need company, this is the inspiration behind this site.

Bookup is all about teaching strategy and risk management through incisive discussions on the best trading books in the market. If you have been looking for resources to help your dream take off, consider this site a companion in your trading journey. We have dedicated our time and resources in researching on the best books in the market; we believe in empowering traders through well-researched information.

Our Belief

Whether a beginner or an experienced trader, every once in a while there is always the need to learn from people who have been there and done it. This site will not only list down some of the books that will help you realize your trading dream but there will be comprehensive information on tips and insights on different aspects of trading.

We will flesh out vital trading info from some of the best books to help you understand and interpret complex details about trading. We understand some aspects of trading can be complex but we also know there are many books tackling different issues. This site will break down some of the books that will help you navigate the world of trading. From listing down some of the best books that offer a step by step guide on different topics such as choosing stock, managing risk and implementing strategy, this site has your back whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. We understand every individual has their own unique needs, this site will break down the books and simplify information to ensure everyone’s needs are attended to.