Our Affiliate Program

Earn Extra Pocket Money By Becoming A BookUp Malaysia Affiliate

If you are an active social media junkie, or you have a blog/website or you are just plain interested to earn some extra pocket money, then we have the right thing for you. Join our affiliate program and start earning those extra cash for your small little spendings in life ( time to get that new shirt you have been eyeing on). And its free!

What will I be promoting?

Well, as you can see from our website, our main products are used textbooks. Therefore, that will be main thing that you will be sharing out via your very own channels (blogs, websites, facebook, twitter, instagram, forum etc.)

How does this work?

Every single affiliate will be given their own their own unique tracking code upon signing up. 

Just type in the product that you think your group of interest might want to buy and then generate the affiliate code. Share out the link and if a purchase comes from your link, you will be paid. It's that simple. The rest will be up to us.

How much am I getting per sale?

You will be getting 5% flat rate per sale, therefore keep sharing! Our payout will be on the 14th and 28th of every month and your transactions can be viewed from your account panel.

Sounds good. Anything else?

Please note that what you are promoting is something that can help students by providing them with a cheaper source of textbooks, something that they HAVE to buy each semester for their subjects. So feel good about the possibility of helping someone and make some money at the same time. :)