Forex trading is a global trade that has been in existence for a long time in as far as 4th century AD. Due to the different buying power of various currencies, people opt to hedge their wealth by buying currencies from different nations.

The US$ dollar and Sterling Pound are some of the major currencies traded the world over. For you to successfully create extra income in [Forex Exchange:] you need to brace yourself with the proper information. There are books dedicated to this field, we shall look at some of them to have a feel of what to expect.

The Candlestick Course by Steve Nison

This is a 235-page book authored by Steve Nison and published in back 2003. This book has a good rating of 4.1 and 90% of readers like this book.

The author was inspired by a Japanese rice trader and developed the candlestick charting strategy. It includes formations such as morning star, dark cloud cover and hanging man. These formations represented various movements of market trends and behaviors.

You can also visit and enjoy more details on how to effectively read market signals and apply the various templates therein to make informed investment decisions.

Currency Trading for Dummies

This book was written by authors namely Mark Galant and Brian Dolan, which was first published in 2007 and comprises of 360 pages.

If you are a beginner, this book will take you through a journey in this field. With its chapter such as Currency trading 101, you will get to know; what exactly is the forex market? the stakeholders in forex trading and the intricacies involved in forex trading.

This book also details various currencies to trade in, the mix you can opt into, strategies, risk management of your investments and also helps you develop a value system to help you n the murky field of the Forex exchange.

86% of google books users are impressed by this publication.