1.      What is ISBN?


ISBN is a “finger print” of a book, the 10 or 13 digit number found on the back of the book. It is the best way to identify your books.



2.      What type and condition of books are not accepted?


BookUp DOES NOT accept books below:

·         illegal books (eg. photocopied books)

·         books without ISBN

·         workbooks / study guides / magazines

·         water / smoke damaged books

·         books with missing / torn pages

·         books with damaged spine / binding


3.      How do I sell my books?


You just have to follow some simple steps below:

1.    Fill in books ISBN number into the form

You will get a quotation from us via email.


2.    Ship to us for FREE!*

If your quoted amount is above RM250, we will arrange for a pickup from your doorstep. .


3.    Get paid

BookUp will help you to warehouse, promote, market, sell and deliver the books to the customers. You will get paid through bank transfer at the end of every month, depending on the numbers of book sold. This is not just easy, its bascically effortless on your behalf!



4.      Do I have to pay BookUp to sell my books and how long do I have to keep my books with BookUp?


A fee of 30% of the book sales (not including delivery) will be charged to the seller ONLY upon successful transaction. This is for the purpose of warehousing, marketing, sales, packaging and delivery. BookUp will be keeping your books for at least 6 months. If your books are not sold within 6 months, BookUp will still continue to sell your books. Seller can request for the books to be returned after 6 months.



5.    How do I package my books for shipment?


In order to avoid or lessen the damage of books during shipment, we recommend you to refer the packaging guidelines below:

  • Choose a suitable box (size)
    Box must not be too big as it causes books to collide and increase damages.

  • Choose a proper wrapper (packaging material)
    It will be advisable for you to wrap your books with a layer of bubble wrap before placing your books into the box. You can also opt for double layer of plastic bags, if you could not find bubble wrap.

  • Seal the box properly

Use proper packaging tapes, not masking or scotch tapes. Tape three times.


6.    How do I send my books to BookUp?
  • Once you have agreed on the book quotation, we will arrange a pickup from your doorstep. (West Malaysia Only)


7.    Am I eligible to send my books to BookUp for FREE? (book sellers)
  • As long you have books amounting more than RM250 quoted by us, your books will be picked up by us for free from your doorstep. (West Malaysia only)


8.  How much do I have to pay for shipping? (book buyers)
  • Shipment rates are weight based. Our system will automatically calculate the rate according to the average book weight. Our courier service guarantees delivery directly to your doorstep within 2 working days. With us, you get to save money on gas, toll, parking fee and even time on lining up! Small amount to pay for such savings!



9.   What happens if the items are damaged in transit?
  •  BookUp is not responsible for any damages happen in transit. Price of books will be determined according to the conditions of the books received upon arrival at our warehouse.


10.    How and when do I get paid?
  • You will get paid through bank transfer at the end of every month depending on the number of books sold. We will inform our sellers via email once the bank transfer have been done.


12.     Who do I contact for enquiries of feedback?
  • BookUp is dedicated to provide an ever improving and convenient service to all our customers. If you have any enquiries of feedback, please feel free to drop us an email at mybookup@gmail.com or you can message our admin through our Facebook page.