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Interview with BookUp: Buy/Sell Your Used Book!

by, 2 July



Bagi aku ni adalah satu platform untuk book lover dapatkan buku berkualiti dengan harga murah dan juga membawa keuntungan kepada pihak yang mempunyai buku-buku yang tidak digunakan lagi.

by, 18 April 2014



Now everyone can save money and also earn money at the same time!.

by, 18 April 2014



Mereka ni memang mementingkan kualiti buku-buku yang mereka jual. Jadi buku-buku yang mereka terima, dorang akan teliti dengan baik untuk pastikan walaupun buku tu terpakai tapi dijamin boleh guna dengan baik tanpa cacat cela dan nampak macam baru!

by, 24 April 2014



Daripada simpan sehingga rosak dan dimakan oleh anai-anai, dibuang ke tong sampah, menghantarnya ke pusat kitar semula mahupun dijual kepada apek yang membeli surat khabar, lebih baik jual melalui BookUp.

by, 18 April 2014



And you get the book you want at a price cheaper than retail for sure! That’s how cool they are!What a way to save for students!!!

by, 12 April 2014



BookUp offers you good quality books at cheap prices! It will save your money too! Why not?

by, 3 April 2014



BookUp is a platform which helps students by providing cheap source of textbooks. What really attracted me is that, BookUp is selling used textbook

by, 30 March 2014



Fana pernah merasa bagaimana susahnya bila terpaksa beli buku teks dan terpaksa habiskan beratus-ratus ringgit untuk beli buku teks. Kini, BookUp sedia membantu!

by, 17 March 2014



By having this platform, it does not only ease up in the financial way, but also benefits the environment

by, 6 March 2014



It is definitely a good news for a graduated student like me! Now I know where my books should go

by, 8 March 2014



BookUp - The only 'Bookstore' you'll ever need

by, 3 March 2014



Through BookUp, the buyer gets books at a cheaper rate and the seller gets to clear off their unwanted books plus they can make some extra cash. That's the win-win situation for everyone.

by, 11 Febuari 2014



BookUp is the BEST solution – THE platform to empty your book racks AND THE platform in finding a cheaper alternative for academic textbooks!

by, 9 February 2014



Can you say dedicated!! I really respect people who put actually put their thoughts into actions. Truth be told, not everyone has the 'guts' to do so cause it's normal human mentality to first think of all the drawbacks instead of the positive outcomes.

by, 7 Febuari 2014



There is a green action by using second handed textbooks.

by, 7 February 2014



Buku adalah ilmu dan ilmu tidak akan hilang kalau kita kongsi kepada org lain. Malah ilmu akan bertambah-tambah dalam diri kita jika kita tidak kedekut dengan ilmu

by, 1 Febuari 2014



Before you start complaining about the expensive textbook price, let us introduce to you BookUp. You will be surprised.

by, 29 January 2014



BookUp: Setiap Ringgit Anda Berharga

by, 28 January 2014



The important thing is knowing your unwanted textbook can be other peoples' treasures.

by, 26 January 2014



BookUp provides a platform for book lovers or students ( just like you and me) to get books that we need and help us to save our hard earned $$$

by, 25 January 2014



If you are a bookworm, this is going to be your new paradise.

by, 24 January 2014



You can now sell your books, earn extra income and also clean your book racks! And you can simply buy cheap textbook from there too!

by, 24 January 2014



Have you ever wonder what else can you do with your books other than just piling them up leaving them untouched after reading them? Well, BookUp!

by, 23 January 2014



I always wanted to sell off my unwanted books and I'm sure there's someone out there who wants to buy them without emptying their wallet. Thanks to BookUp, it's a win win situation for us all 

by, 22 January 2014



Everyones buys books and read them. Well what happens after that? BookUp! Thats what!

by, 20 January 2014



Nowadays, prices of every single things in the world has increased due to world economic changes. Basically, not everyone is able to purchase new books. Well, in come BookUp! 

by, 15 January 2014



Sekurang-kurangnya buku itu dapat diwarisi kepada adik-adik kita dengan membantu selain membantu selain mendapat sedikit wang hasil pembelian. Ia adalah serampang dua mata untuk kebaikan bersama.

by, 13 January 2014



I was dubious at first, but seriously, this website is so simple to use! 

by, 7 January 2014



Through this process, the book owner will also get some extra cash! Simply awesome!! 

by, 6 January 2014



Save more when you purchase your textbooks from BookUp! 

by, 4 January 2014



It works to resolve the current dilemma that the majority of students in Malaysia are facing 

by, 4 January 2014




by, 2 January 2014



This is one good way to clear your books! 

by, 1 January 2014



What is so special about this site? It's delivery service. It makes all the difference! 

by, 31 December 2013



It's a waste to send your books on a recycling trip especially when they are in a good condition 

by, 29 December 2013



BookUp: Save money on your college textbooks, NOW! 

by, 26 December 2013



This website offers a smarter way for Malaysian students to save money on buying books 

by, 19 December 2013