As an entrepreneur or as a business person keeping tabs with the latest knowledge base is key in success in your trade. A reading culture is vital in helping you decode the best practices to assist in running your enterprise well.

In this article, we look at some of the books available to you. Facts and snippets of these books are expounded to help you acquire them in your local book store or look them up in the online bookshelves.

Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to lead

Author Sheryl Sandberg

Published in 2013 by Alfred A. Knopf

This awesome piece is an approximately 400-page book written by Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl, one of the Top and high net worth Business executives, believes women can find the right balance in work and family.

She explains how having a career and being a parent may be a tough mix, but she believes women can conquer it all. However, it does not come easy as women find it even harder to further their career objectives in a male-dominated world.

She narrates the journey of motherhood and how it was a difficult juggling work and pregnancy. You will find key industrial gender disparities that are found in the workplace and more so in the political field, well narrated in this book.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Author: W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

It is a 317-page book that was first published in 2004.

The authors of this book based this book premises on tons of business research spanning over a hundred years and over 30 industries. In this book, you will find insights about how you can better your business in a strategic approach.

The key principle in this book is the creation of new unique markets ‘’blue oceans’’ that are untapped, thus benefitting from competitive advantage or even monopoly.