Business performance is affected by various economic factors some of which can be influenced internally or by an individual; others are not within our abilities as they are in the global or national sphere.

Micro-economic factors are within an individual’s jurisdiction and discretion includes supply, demand, competition, supply, and price. Macro-economic factors on the other hand affect the business from a global perspective. They include Gross Domestic product, money supply, inflation rate, employment rate, and others.

For a better understanding and diagnosis of these factors, there are some books dedicated to explaining these economic phenomena.

The Maro Economy Today(The Mcgraw-Hill Series in Economics)

This book was authored by Bradley and Karen Gebhardt and was published in 2015 as a 14th edition.

This book was created to create a detailed and comprehensive yet comprehensible knowledge of macro-economics.

This book is can be used by any reader either students wishing to get their college or university grade, policymakers, businessmen or people wishing to have a grasp of the economic principles.

Due to the authors’ extensive teaching and consulting experience in handling macro and micro-economic issues, they hold an upper hand in decoding the principles. They have a special feature in their book detailing the conflict between market and government policies.

Principles of Micro-economics by N.Gregory Mankiw

This is a 532 pages authored by N.Gregory Mankiw and published in 1991.

The author is a seasoned academician who has taught at Harvard University and has contributed in the field of economics using Keynesian economics.

This book is a student’s guide to micro-economics. Using day to day or real-life scenarios, this provides clear insights in this field. It has a novice section called ‘bring it home’ which brings an example in the real-world which is both at the end and beginning of every chapter.

This book goes beyond basic principles but also explains environmental, labor and international economic behaviors and trends.